Celebrity Culture and Its Repercussions

Have you ever noticed how scathing our society has become? We build up these stars to be larger-than-life, obsess over them, only to wait for the moment to be able to tear them down. Take Anne Hathaway for instance. She stands up for human rights, comes across as an incredibly philanthropic, benevolent person, and is an excellent role model. When interviewers want to glorify her weight loss for her Academy Award-winning role as Fantine in Les Miserables, she halts any praise, countering, “…I did it to look like I was dying.” As my dad pointed out yesterday, she is getting all this uncalled for backlash now when, “What did she do aside from be fabulous?” Why do people want to pick apart her long acceptance speeches with so many positive elements to acclaim? Why does our culture derive so much delight in judgment and criticism?

It would be different if the criticism were constructive. A show like American Idol is at its best when you watch a singer rise up from harsh feedback to suddenly become one of the dark horses of the competition. His or her skills grow more rapidly than the other competitors. This season the new judges are generally great at voicing their opinions in a way that helps the singers learn how to improve upon their performances; minus Randy Jackson, who sometimes will just say “that was TERRIBLE,” and ONLY say that. How is that helpful?

This sort of culture leads to a tailspin. The mentality seeps into other aspects of our society as well, corroding our perspectives. For instance, I had lunch one day with a friend of a friend who asked, “How do you feel about the band Pink Floyd?” and followed immediately, declaring, “If you say you hate them, I’m going to judge you for that. If you say you love them, I’m going to judge you for that. But if you say, ‘I find them interesting on a technical level…then we can be friends.'”


“…just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl year after year”


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Discovering Ch-ch-ch-changes

When you’re little, you don’t even realize that you are growing. I used to wonder at night before going to bed if my fingers and toes were extending further and further in such a subtle way that perhaps I was growing invisibly at that very instant and overnight would be even a fraction of an inch taller. Even with a growth spurt, it typically goes unnoticed until you see someone that you haven’t seen in awhile. That’s when people exclaim, ‘oh wow, you have gotten so much taller!’

Growing Up Comic

A dual view of transformation. Normally, growth is not quite as dramatic as a foot sprouting from your head!


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Rebelling Against the Quicksand

Today, I was told a very valid point that sometimes you can plan and plan and plan so much, that you become stuck in an unintended, but perfectly well-intentioned quicksand trap of overthinking.

Drat that endless loop!


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This was for a different Creative Writing class.  The assignment: Beg, Borrow, Steal.  This is a cento poem (a.k.a. a patchwork sort of poem, compiling and piecing together various lines from a variety of authors and making it your own).


The lanterns moved in the breeze

and the shadows rippled to the music like dancers.

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10 Minutes

This was a simple piece I wrote for Creative Writing, but one I had fun writing.  The premise was to concoct a story that had to occur in 10 minutes or less.


“It’s under the name Jonas… but not like the Jonas Brothers,” he snorted, as if he had just come up with this wit-devoid zinger on the spot.  Jonas had an obnoxious guffaw of a laugh that siphoned off the chill ambiance of any room.  For him, subdued silence might as well have been an endangered species, more rare than the seldom moments when he successfully abstained from chortling at his own tragic jokes.  Bethany let her rich, auburn tresses form a hair shield over her fast-reddening face. Read the rest of this entry »

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